Thursday, March 4

thank goodness i have my own toolbox


Things are going swimmingly in my new apartment. Well... swimmingly as in, I'm pretty sure nothing else can go wrong here.

I've already changed the locks, cause I couldn't get the dead bolt to lock. I mean... really? My land lady prides herself in buying stuff from Habitat for Humanity, because it "supports the community." But there comes a point when you have to CHECK what you're buying, so as to not install crap into your home.

Door locked. Check.

Shower head barely dribbled. I mean... droplets. Took it off, found about a half a cup of water softener bits lodged in there. How did the previous tenant take showers like that?

Sink faucet? Well... it was working. Then it started leaking HUGE amounts of water under the sink. Turns out the hose has a tear, or isn't connected just right. If I pull the extender-hose-thing out it still leaks, but into the basin, as opposed to under the counter. Working on that one too.

New light fixture installed into my bathroom 3 days after I moved in. No lights in there until that happened. And of course... no light bulbs.

Refrigerator light, burned out. Off to K-mart to buy one. Installed. Still doesn't work. Glorious.

Internet? yeahhh... not really operational so much. I haven't been too worried about that one just yet, as the plethora of other calamities have kept be busy. Also I have no closet, so I had to buy a little hung-dinger from the K-mart and still need to assemble it. Busy Busy Busy!

Its fun tho. I'm not too worried just yet. I'm just really glad that I'm crafty and handy enough to take care of a lot of these problems. Obviously the previous tenant was NOT. Poor sap.

I'll attempt to get some pics up of my lovely pad, once the dust has finally settled. :)

Now I'm off to go shopping, and hopefully make my fridge look like this:

(and with fewer Coronas)

Cheers to you all, and have a great weekend. Hopefully, I'll have better news forthcoming on Monday!

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