Thursday, March 18

i'm such a kreativ blogger

Holy Crap! I'm amazing! Yes! Bow down to my Awesomeness!
Heather has been kind enough to not only read my blog, but give me an award for it! Whoop!!

Thank you so much little lady for the props! She's a funny, smart, kooky Washingtonian, who's been going through the trails and tribulations of her 30's, just like me. You should go read her blog, if you haven't already (which means you aren't reading my recommended blogs on the side-bar... for shame.)

So I guess there's a required "acceptance speech" for this award, which involves me talking about myself, which as we all know I absolutely HATE to do. HA! Please enjoy my 7 little unknown facts about myself, but if you know me in the non-internet-world you'll probably not be surprised...

  1. I am TERRIFIED of slugs. Yeah, you read that right. Slugs. Those little slithery pieces of crap, that add no real value to the world. Uggghhh. Its definitely a phobia, the completely IRRATIONAL fear of something, but Good God I can't even look at a picture of one, let alone see one in real life. Most people think I'm joking. But let me assure you... I. AM. NOT. Pass the salt.
  2. I am completely annoyed by what I call "The Dumbing Down of America." I've even thought about posting several blogs about it. When people change the spelling of words, or don't even know how to actually fucking spell them. Such as... "Kreativ Blogger"(sorry) Others than commonly make me enraged are Krispy Kreme, nite, tho, drive thru. This also includes using texting phrases in real life conversations, such as "lol" and "brb". It just makes you sound like a 13 year-old.
  3. I am enraged when people text during movies. I don't care if your phone is on silent or vibrate I can still see that bright fucking screen... TURN THAT SHIT OFF.
    (Funny side story, Mr. Man and I went to see Alice in Wonderland and he actually told/asked/embarrassed some little asshole 13 year-old girl to stop texting and turn her phone off. SO FUNNY!)
  4. I am totally paranoid about relationships and utterly insecure. I know, I know... I come off as so amazingly confident (can you hear my sarcasm?), but the truth is, I've had so many shitty, awful relationships that I constantly analyze and obsess about everything you do and say. Mostly in my romantic relationships, but sometimes friendships are subject to my insecurity as well.
  5. Last year (March 31st to be exact) I got a DUI. Its not something I'm entirely proud of, so I've never really mentioned it to anyone. I think there's about 4 people in my life who actually know this happened; one was with me, one bailed me out, my mom and my cousin. Seriously not the highlight of my 31st year, but it was something I obviously needed to learn. I've (try not to judge too harshly here) been drinking and driving since I've been able to legally drink. Usually not drunk, but definitely a bit of buzzed driving. I know its awful, but I always found a way to justify it. Funny how the drunk mind can rationalize almost anything. Lesson learned... $3600 flushed away... moving on.
  6. I like to wear headphones in my ears so I can secretly listen to people's conversations. Most people's lives are much more interesting than my own...
  7. I'm pretty sure I made the biggest mistake of my life when I moved home to Oregon from New York. Yeah, quitting my job at the beginning of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression turns out to not have been the wisest of decisions. I've pretty much been in financial ruin since then. And I haven't paid on any of my credit cards since October of 2008. I wonder why they keep calling me... can't they get a hint??!?
Taaaahh Dahhhhhh! That's me. At least a few of my many layers. Now I must give props to seven more lucky bloggers, and bestow upon them the honor of being fellow Kreativ Bloggers. I'll save you lengthy descriptions of each; Just know that they're McGriddle Pants Approved! (Trademark pending) and you should check them out. Also note, that I start reading blogs based on the awesomeness of their titles... *wink*
  1. The Trailer Wife
  2. Mister Peacock
  3. Denise who also blogs here occasionally
  4. Organic Meatbag
  5. Extraneous Kickassery
  6. A Cheeto Named Larry
  7. Ed's Funny Pages
I'm also adding honorable mentions to the following, who have already won this award, but I read almost daily, so if you don't you're missing out:
Now go check out their all their blogs, or I'll set myself on fire!!


Jon said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! Maybe one of these days I'll even post something...

badheadday said...

I love new blogs! It's like being introduced to new friends that have nothing better to do than entertain you... but only when you have time. :)

Jaime said...

I am so humbled and honored. And to think one of my advertisers pulled out for me saying something about Mexicans, but yet here I am winning a major award!!! Being an infidel pays. Thanks, and you're awesome! That totally made my day yo. :)

Ed said...

Hey...thanks for the award. I'll get it up on my site as soon as I can. Sorry I am just now getting over here, but I was sequestered in the land of Deliverance for a family vacation. Thanks again.