Tuesday, March 30

twitter and life without parole

what the shit?

First of all... I signed up for Twitter. *ughhhhh* After months (years?) of talking crap about it, I finally caved. I feel like one of those people who is just now signing up for Facebook. Whatever, don't judge me. Its purely for blogging purposes! So now, go follow me, cause I'm funny.

Secondly, let me freak out about this. Summary; An eleven year-old (now 12) boy is being tried as AN ADULT for the shooting of his dad's pregnant fiance.

Yes, I think this kid has some serious issues, and there has been some parenting completely gone wrong in this story. But an adult?! Really?! This kids life is now over because of one mistake he made. I know, murder is a HUGE DEAL, but he's only fucking eleven!!

I know Dave Chappelle has talked about this before too... but I'm going to say it again. A 15 year-old girl wasn't "mature enough" to consent to being peed on by R. Kelly. A 17 year old-girl isn't "mature enough" to consent to having sex with her 18 year-old boyfriend. And yet, this 11 year-old is old enough to comprehend the complexities of committing murder? How does this make sense? Its just an INSANE double standard.

I'm not saying I have all the answers, but it just seems WRONG to end this child's life. PRISON. WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY of parole. Ever? He'll be 40 and not even have a chance at life? 50? I mean, I know that probably he will get paroled, considering the immense overcrowding in the prisons (probably because we're trying 11 year-old's as adults) but, *sigh* anyway...

What. The. Fuck.


Cathy said...

I just signed up for twitter, like 2 weeks ago. Word up.

Hmm...that 11 year old murder thing is crazy. I'd have to hear more of the story, but 11 does seem too young to be tried as an adult.

Ed said...

Care much?

"Seattle" Heather said...

Big debate McGrid: Did you read the full story? Do you know that he sent his sister off to school, covered up the gun with a blanket as he entered the room, shot her and then went to school and acted like nothing happened? He also was trained to use his little gun for turkey shoots. So he knows about death. He premeditated this. He would have wanted his step mom dead and would have found a way if it were a gun a knife or something else. At 11/12 years old you know about life and death. Sometimes, you just can't save everyone and sometimes not everyone is worth saving...no matter how old they are. The kid sits locked up and still isn't sorry for what he did...anybody want to give him a second chance in society? I'm sorry...I'll pass. The trouble with this kid runs a lot deeper than this one "mistake". Alright climbing off my soap box.

Aunt Juicebox said...

I will never twitter. Ever.

I don't know, I think if he's already doing crap like murdering pregnant people when he's only 11, there's something seriously wrong with him, and early intervention may be what he needs. I don't know.

Ian said...

Where have you been all my life? Off to follow your ass on twitter