Tuesday, March 23

tuesday tunes v. Mar23.10

ListenIt! Loveit! Liveit! Or something like that...

1. Johnathan Coulton- RE: Your Brains

(holy shit! THE funniest zombie song I've ever heard!)

2. William Fucking Shattner - sings Elton John's Rocket Man

3. Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

4. Biffy Clyro [a fabulous Scottish band] - God and Satan


Brad Carter said...

You need to listen to Coulton's Chiron Beta Prime - best Christmas robot apocalypse song ever.

Mrs. Ruby said...

HAHAHA - that skymall song = hilarious!!!!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I heard that William Shatner just turned 79! I can't believe it.

Brad Carter said...

I downloaded Shatner's album this week and it's hilarious. It's all I'm playing on The Phone Show tonight.