Sunday, March 28

dear liver

Dear Liver,

I have obviously been taking you for granted. For so many years now you have been there for me. Silently, diligently working away, without asking much in return. I again have abused you. Is this some horrific Jerry Springeresque relationship we have? I seem abuse you over and over again, continually to take advantage of your giving nature. Beating you senseless until I pass out, sometimes quite Literally.

I’m sober now, and regretful for my mistreatment. I know I can be a real asshole sometimes, but I really do care. Thanks for taking one for the team. Sorry for making you work so hard. You're a champ.

I'm giving you a week off. Well at least 5 days. Or at least until Tuesday.

With love and appreciation,
McGriddle Pants

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Great letter. I was pretty nice to my liver this weekend, only a few chocolate martinis...and maybe some beers.