Monday, March 22

why is my butt so sore?

Well kids... I'm really starting to think there's more work and torture just getting INTO grad school, than the actual school work itself.

I had a meeting with an advisor at my Alma Mater today regarding my un-exceptional grades during my undergrad years. We discussed a few options about taking some accounting and finance classes this spring and summer and retaking that regretful CSS 205 Soils class that I failed in the summer of 2005. Funny how when you "forget" to drop a class, they fail you. Sonofabitch!

Nevertheless, I'm hoping to get some grades up, and *fingers crossed* get an absolutely mind-blowing score on my GMAT to enter the one-year MBA program at Oregon State. We'll see... this could cost me a whole lot of money just to get turned down. You live and you learn, right?!? Wish me luck!

On a different note... yesterday I finally popped in this DVD that I had netflix'd:

and OH DOGGY! Am I sore today! But a good sore. Like... sore in all the spots you want to be sore (butt, thighs and arms). She's a little cheesy, as all DVD exercise instructors are, but I liked it. I'm going to try it for a week, and maybe get a different Yoga DVD. Or something.

Well I'm off to Schwab's to get my tires rotated, so that should be 3 hours of my life I'll never get back, forcibly watching Fox News, whilst eating stale popcorn in the waiting room. WHOOOO!

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Kimberly said...

I dig her because her boobs are actually real.