Monday, August 24

Dal centro della mia vita venna una grande fontana...

yup its official, I have Shingles.

Now don't jump to conclusions. I, for some reason upon hearing "shingles" think of some God awful thing involving my nether regions. I'm imagining it comes from the phrase "shitting shingles"... but I digress...

Basically I have the adult chicken pox, or Chicken Pox Part Deux, The Revenge as I like to call it.

I'm not contagious if you've had chicken pox already. I have a lovely credit card size cluster of a pox-like-rash that I'm told will eventually open up, ooze and then scab over. How utterly delightful! My side hurts and aches and tingles and sometimes itches, but luckily I have vicodin for that. Whoop!

So for now, I sit here and suffer, not so silently.

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