Thursday, August 27

i drink spirits. does that make me spiritual?

woah woah woah. its 530, and i'm in my pajamas.

I've also had a vicodin and 1/4 of a beer. I should be passed out cold in about 22 minutes. maybe 27. So I better get to cracking.

First on the agenda... hooooly crap i'm addicted to blogging. I love writing mine even though I have maybe 3 readers, give or take. And reading others. I can't get enough of people's thoughts on life, looking at pictures, whatever! Its great! Some people are so funny and great artists! And I must say the ones I read >>> see to your right here >>> are some of my favorites. I love that some of my friends blog and I love reading them too. I just last night found 2 people from high school and have been reading theirs. I have to say, some of my amigos are great writers! love it. Anyway, I just wanted to give props to everyone listed on my page. I think you'll enjoy them as well.

Woah, now i've had half the beer... I'm fading fast...

Secondly on the agenda. I'm really mad that the USA network has fallen in love with NCIS. Seriously. It used to be the Law and Order SVU Network. Just like how TNT is the regular L&O network. Now all I ever get is stupid NCIS. Don't get me wrong, its an alright show. But it ain't no L&O SVU!! *sigh* Oh well, I guess if that's all I have to complain about, life is pretty good right now.

Third on the agenda... I'M SO PISSED!!!
I work at a home improvement store distribution center. Its one of the major ones, so you can do the math, and figure out who I work for. Either way, all day, I lift boxes, move boxes, push, pull, jump up and down, turn around and pick a bail of cotton. Well, all but the last one. Anyway. The point of this is that I use my back ALL DAY. EVERYDAY. So when my back starts bugging me, which is often thanks to a car accident in 1999, I head to the chiropractor. Say what you will about chiropractic medicine, it helps lots of people, myself included. I come to find out today, that my next 11 weeks (the diagnosis from my Dr.) to get me back into tip top shape again will be $2200. OUCH! Right? But thank goodness I have insurance. WRONG.

My stupid employer, expects my back to be at peak performance for them, only pays for FIVE HUNDRED FRICKING DOLLARS, A YEAR! What a crock! Wow, thanks so much. I'm so infuriated with them right now, I think steam is coming out of my ears.

Not only have I had a bout of money related issues lately, but here's ONE MORE THING to pile on my already overflowing plate. Whoopee. So after I cried for 20 minutes I pulled myself together and drifted from hopelessness to anger.

Well, thats enough ranting for me for one day. Ohmmmmmmm.

serenity now serenity now serenity
now serenity now serenity now
serenity now serenity now serenity now
serenity now

Op! its 5:58, pass out time! :)

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Rich said...

I agree chiropractors are virtual lifesavers, if you get a good one. $2200 though? Can he adjust you using the force or something? Why so much? Our chiropractor charges way less(though we live in Wisconsin).