Sunday, August 2

this old/new-to-me house

Too many beers and an array of power tools. Yesterday was Home Improvement Saturday!!
Attempting to plumb the new refrigerator from the sink across the kitchen under the house, was almost completed. Somehow the back connection keeps leaking so its still a work in progress. We also had to get a new, longer drill bit to go further through the floor. Later we called reinforcements to help with drilling through the tile. There were sparks involved. Kinda cool.

We also started pruning the hedges, but darkness snuck up too fast for us to finish. There were however FOUR completed jobs for the day... mowing the lawn, painting and attaching a new back stop for the bathroom door, spraying the back yard and building a new screen for the living room window. I have to say, I had my doubts that we would get any of it done. Especially the fridge.

Going under the house!


new screen! Success!!

plumbing! Thank goodness for reinforcements!

pruning the hedges... of many small villages!!

Other little gems from this weekend include:

  • "Fish with teeth! Fish with teeth! SWIM AWAY! SWIM AWAY!"
  • "Marriage is a punishment for shoplifting in some countries."
  • "Had to call in reinforcements... Now our reinforcements are calling in reinforcements..."
  • "Who needs a man when you have power tools and liquid courage!"
  • "That's the cruise ship of rafts! They used whole entire logs!"


badheadday said...

One really does need liquid courage and reinforcements when dabbling with fish with teeth!

Donna said...

Once I changed the pan in my shower just because a man laughed at me and told me I couldn't do it. I showed him. After standing in about a 4'x4' space with a hammer and chisel for about 100 HOURS, I decided I would NEVER do that again! I sure showed him. Darn that pride, gets me in hot water every time. Now, I welcome reinforcements.