Monday, August 31

you don't buy tequila, you rent it.

Life always bring about changes in unexpected ways.

I never expected to be 30 years old, living at home, a college graduate, just me and my parents, working at a job that I not only hate but am extremely overqualified for. I think about my brother, 5 years younger than I who is now engaged. How is it that he is so much more "together" in his life than I am? When did this happen?

Well I guess it depends on your definition of "together." I have to keep reminding myself of that. Not everyone who is married or has kids is happy. Not that they regret any choices they've made, just that they're not happy.

I just spent the weekend with my cousin, who after 12(?) years is now divorced. She, obviously, doesn't think the idea is any good at all, and says NO! when anyone mentions wanting to get married.

Can I blame her? Of course not. Especially after the ridiculous array of events that unfolded during her divorce.

Ugghhh. I seem to always be at a crossroads in life. Will I ever be satisfied with my life? It always seems after a year or two, I get the "grass is always greener" effect in my brain. Better in Europe, or Portland, or Texas even. Wherever, whatever. I just wish I could find something I love, where I love to be and just do it. Ya know? Ohhhhhhhh life.

I think I'm going back to school. Might as well rack up some more debt while I'm at it... right?!?

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