Wednesday, August 5

i want chicken... i want liver... meow-mix meow-mix please de-li-ver

okay people, this time i think we've gone TOO FAR!

Appetizers? For cats?!? REALLY??!?!?
Since when do cats need food, before their food?

"Yes Bob, Fluffy has had a rough day and she really needs to unwind before the main course with some White Meat Chicken & Flaked Tuna and a glass of chablis."

Barf. What's really sad is that there are morons out there who are going to buy this. Not even realizing that its just regular cat food in a different package. And now they're gonna feed their cats TWICE and then be confused why their favorite feline is gaining weight.

Where's my appetizer in a can?
Where are my chicken wings? Mozzarella sticks? Bloomin' Onion in a can?
Life can be so unfair.

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