Tuesday, August 11


I'm planning a vacation to Arizona in September. Going to visit a friend, nothing major.

While discussing plans for this trip with my friend, he joked "I may not let you come back!" And I thought... hmmmmm... Stay in Arizona? Why not?!?

Ever since last night that's all I can think about. I'd even have a job hookup upon my arrival. My mind is reeling at the possibility of going somewhere new. We all know that's how I am anyway, a constant wanderer, never satisfied in one place for too long...

Arizona? What do you think?


Benjamin Sell said...

I've only been there once, but I thought Arizona was pretty kickass. I've always entertained thoughts of moving there.

Plus, you're super close to Mexico! An actual opportunity to use your Spanish ;)

Cassie said...

I lived in Las Vegas for 12 years. LOVED the desert! LOVED it! We moved to raise our kids in a rural community. I still miss it though..