Thursday, February 18

Centennial Blog Post!

Happy 100th blog post to me!!! Don't worry, I started drinking around 9 am today, in preparation/celebration, so I'm already drunk. Won't you join me?

This was passed on to me by a friend, who received this "resume" at her work. Names have been changed to protect the fucking moron innocent. Please note, that this has not been changed at all. Punctuation, or lack thereof, captialization and spelling are all as they were originally submitted. I hope your computer/spellcheck/grammarcheck doesn't explode, because I know that mine almost did...

Side note, its comforting to know that people like this are my competition in the job market. There may be hope for me yet.

to company name, this is a resume on what I am qualified to do hoping you will have a place in your company for me.
I have a cdl lic, I also operate tractors, bull dozers excatators, for lifts backhoes, most any type of equipment, flat bed trucks very experence in the art of strapping and securing equipment to a railer, seed to a flat bed if you haul it I can strap it, I am a computer orentited and no about shipping and recieving, I have warehouse experence , I worked for old company when he owned t he farm in small town, I ran and operated his warehouse, I have over 2 million miles behind t he wheel in a semi, the last 7 years I owned my own truck and trailer, bad times and the ecomoney caused a fall out and we lost the truck , so I am now looking for work I have a home in small town to support and would like to keep it, have been in this house for 25 years, I am the type of person who comes to work on time and stays tell the job jobs over, my ex son in law works for you and informed me you were llooking for help "ex son in law" he can probley tell you my work etthics a re favoriable, my name is not going to get this job cell don't bother calling, I would be glad to come over and filll an application I need a job, hope to here from ya still not going to get this job


Just, wow.


Brad Carter said...

I bet "computer orentited" means that he sits in Yahoo chat rooms all day hitting on women.

badheadday said...

I want a framed copy for Christmas. That, and Twister sheets.