Tuesday, February 2

adventures in the "Far East"

well dear followers, I've returned from my adventures in the "Far East" (New Hampshire). The last 10 days were great. Here's a few highlights:
  • took millions of pictures
  • ate shit on some icy pavement
  • caught some ridiculous bronchial bug from the airplane re-circulated air
  • blew my diet into a million pieces
  • finished 2 books (am now in love with Chuck Klosterman)
  • re-kindled old friendships
  • went snowshoeing for the first time ever
  • learned two new uses for a coffee pot (beer pitcher, and bloody mary pitcher)
So now, as I lay here in my NyQuil self-induced coma-like state, I'm trying to reflect on funny stories to tell you. I know there are many, and I think I'll have to regale you one at a time. I really need to start writing shit down when I think "oh this is funny, I should blog about this" and promptly forget said funny story 6.9 seconds later. My apologies my dear followers.

Please enjoy some pictures and I will attempt to organize my thoughts into coherent sentences.

funnily enough, NOT ONE of us remembers taking this picture

we had some trouble with the tap...
had to fill up anything and everything while it was flowing

mis amigos y yo

repurposing the coffee pot, part two

this is what happens when you're a spaz
spaz+ ice= bad news bears

snowshoeing with the fam in Southern Oregon

our waterlogged dock covered in snow

GORGEOUS morning on the lake
(of course the day we left)

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Aunt Juicebox said...

Ouch on the knees! And the sickness! Looks like it was a good time though, despite that.