Wednesday, February 24

wheres my internets at?

day 4 (FOUR!!) without internet. Stupid fucking CenturyTel or CenturyNet or whatever the hell they're called now. Assholes wait two days to come out to look at THEIR FUCKING EQUIPMENT outside the house. Don't bother telling me they came by the way. Called again today to see what the hold up was...

"That ticket has been closed."

The hell it has!! I still gots no internets!! You get your asses back out here!! Although I'm paraphrasing.

Enter another 20 minutes on the phone with wants-to-stab-his-eyes-out-IT guy, who clearly hates his job, and they're opening another Gall-Darned ticket. Fuckers.

Thank God I have internet on my phone. But its really not the same. At least I can rant. And check my facebook. Otherwise Betty Ford and I would be having some long meaningful conversations about my withdrawls...

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