Wednesday, February 17

my new place

Great news!!

I'm moving out!! YESSS! I'm finally an adult again!

Its kind of a miracle how it all happened, and Praise BE! It is happening!

Monday night I got into a HUGE fight with my dad. It was so retarded (yeah, I said retarded, so shoot me Ms. Palin). We were arguing about the dog's medicine, how much to give her, if she really needed that much, etc. I was like, "Ummmm, you know, I'm not a veterinarian, and I really don't want to make those judgement calls." Blah blah blah, yell yell yell... you get the picture.

I was so mad I was crying and yet wanted to punch something at the same time. It was not a fun night. Anyway, I had already been looking at apartments on ol' Craig's List and had already emailed on one place. As soon as the the argument was over, I got a call back about it, and I set up an appointment immediately. Next day I checked it out, loved it, filled out an application, and by the end of the day I had the place! Yesssss!!

Its a great little place, studio apt, full kitchen and bath. I'm really excited! I have no extra money for stuff, but WHO CARES!! The best part is all the utilities are included. Water, cable, Internet, heat, garbage, EVERYTHING!

I'm going to sign the papers tomorrow! And have a few celebratory beers tonight!!


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YEAH! I am so happy for you!