Friday, February 5

yes or no, circle one


First off, I officially have a boyfriend now! heheee. We've been spending a lot of time together and definitely enjoying each other's company, and it just feels so easy and nice. Anyway, last night we had the very cute, very middle school talk about "our situation" and its confirmed! :) I'm seriously giddy like a school girl. Can't stop grinning. But... anyway...

other big BIG BIG news!!

Today my little brother is getting MARRIED!!!!
So excited!!
Very small, only about 15 of us there, and then out for a group dinner, with (hopefully) copious amounts of wine and beer and champagne!

So excited!! Time to go get ready. Will take lots of pics!

ohhhhhhh they grow up so fast.


badheadday said...

**circles yes in sharpie... twice!**

"Seattle" Heather said...

McGrid: Congrats on the Boyfriend front and to your brother for getting married!

Wow I'm just getting used to your new took me awhile to find where to click to make a comment---but I found it! Could that be a sign of me getting old? LOL
PS. My word verification is : Rocketcat...WTF is a rocketcat? LOL

Mrs. Ruby said...

OH my goodness! I must hear the deets of this new boyfriend of yours. :)

Also, CONGRATS to your little bro!!! So awesome!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Awww Sweet! Congrats and also to your brother!