Monday, February 15

monday, bloody monday

Current Obsessions
in no particular order...

barcode clutch -- fucking SWEET!

surprisingly non-vomit inducing

AE slim bootcut jeans
minimal plumber-butt

no description necessary *wink*

See it again, for the first time.
"I'm Rick James! Bitch!"

I can drink 6 of them,
and not feel like a glutonous, bloated fatty

Period. Double (not just one fuck face!) Space.
Good grammer: Not just for English Majors anymore!

Currently thinking:
"Is it normal to have blood in my kleenex after I blow my nose?"

1 comment:

Aunt Juicebox said...

lol My husband gave me a recordable card for V day, and it plays Super Freak, so he recorded himself saying nobody does it like Rick James, byotch! It was hilarious.