Thursday, February 11

VD -- and i ain't talkin 'bout venereal disease

for serious? Uggghhh...

fun fact of the day: the words "mucus" and "snot" are not in my phone's T9 dictionary.

How do I know this, you may be asking yourself... Well, my full fledged bronchial "situation" has turned sinus. Now my cough is almost gone and my nose won't stop running. My favorite products of this week are


I'm seriously so ready to be DONE being sick. Ever since I got back from vacation I've been coughey or now, phlegmy. Its so annoying! I haven't been to the gym in almost 3 weeks now! So much for all the progress I'd made and the 6 pounds I'd lost. Sheesh! I really don't want to be "that guy" who goes to the gym spreading disease and pestilence on the treadmills.

On a happy note, Mr. Man actually brought up Valentine's Day himself! WOWZAA! I've never actually, in all my 31 years, had a boyfriend on the big VD. So I've never really been one to celebrate it, other than to get drunk and watch horror movies with Sparky. But this year is different! We're going to dinner and watching a movie. Nothing too over the top, but its totally fine with me. Especially since we've only been dating for a little over a month, we don't want to push anything.

The only quirky part is, I'd really like to get him a little somethin'somethin' but not nothing too major. So... my question is... besides "man flowers" (see blow) or a new set of drill bits... what do you get a guy for the big VD without being over the top? A "hey I'm really glad I met you, you make me happy, thanks for being in my life" sort of thing?

Any ideas? Much appreciated!!


badheadday said...

I made the BF a card that says, "Would you be my anti-valentine? No chocolate, no roses" on the outside. And on the inside "just lots of wicked sex and foul language" Hope that works out for me! ! !

denise said...

bake him some cookies. guys like that. A real gift? Hmm, I am not sure, its been a few years :(