Saturday, July 3

goodwill for me. goodwill for you.

The following are reasons I love going to Goodwill. And second hand stores in general.

Shall I meet you in the Bingo Hall?

Oh yeah, that's a ONESIE. Like a swimming suit, only better.

Its hideous! And yet I can't look away.

There, are no words.

Keep it real,


Crazy Brunette said...

I DARE you! DARE your skanky ass to BUY one and wear it around town! I like the onsie... go with the onsie!!!

I want picture proof hoe!

Anonymous said...

Geez how did my patch work jacket make it to the west coast? I loved that just have to go buy it and model it for I can see if you look as good in it as I did in 1983 :-)

Joann Mannix said...

Please don't be jealous when I tell you this, but I live around the corner, and I mean around the freakin' corner, from the largest Goodwill in the Southeast. You should see the fabulous I come up with. I found, what I think was Michael Jackson's jacket, the blinged out red one. I am serious.

I'm on vacation this week with my energizer crazed bunny family, but I'll be back to beloved blogworld in full force next week.

aladdinsane12 said...

hey- that last one would be great if you wanted to be a scarecrow for halloween! i love the sparkly-golden-girls-esqe numbers myself. and the jogging suits.

The Wolf said...

My god those clothes are like watching a trainwreck..........though if I had them I would surly be the coolest kid on the block. Either that or I would have the living shit kicked out of me for looking like a retard.