Saturday, July 24

tent-mahal... or the tajma-tent?


Check out Mr. Man's HUGENORMOUS tent! His dad calls it the Tajma-tent, or the Tent-mahal. (its interchangable you see)

The sun FINALLY came out for some water time, as well as all of Sweet Home's finest. Ghettoooooness galore... Trashy tattoos for miles around... and you couldnt throw a stick without hitting a smoking baby mama (smoking while IN the water, classey).

Enjoying some summer sun and brews! :)

Happy Weekend!


The Girly Tomboy said...

That tent is GIGANTIC! You can park your car in there! :)

Ed said...

I've seen smaller houses.

Crazy Brunette said...


I can't show this to Mr. CB or we'd go on a fucking manhunt until we found one of those fucking tents!!!

Have fun hooker!

Kaela said...

We totally have a Tahjma Tent. In fact, we got a membership to Costco just to obtain said tent. It was Dizzle's request that if he were to become a "happy camper" if you will, he needed a tent in which his 6'3 body could stand up comfortably. People make comments like "Oh, well that's good, so there will be extra space in your tent if someone forgets those." Not so much, actually. Dizzle wants the Tajhma Tent all to himself and gets VERY upset at the idea of sharing.