Tuesday, July 13

random shit tuesday

Serenity Now!! Insanity Later...
Heyoooooo! Willkommen to Random Shizz Tuesday! Lets not waste any time and get started!

I got some kick ass awards the last few weeks, and I just haven't had the motivation to post about them. My sincere apologies to the lovelies who gave them to me. I really do appreciate feedback, especially awesome award ladden positive feedback!

Bea @ The Girly Tomboy gave me this little beauty.
Hells yes! I am a fucking ray of sunshine! :) Thanks dear!!
I'm passing this little beauty along to a few rays of sunshine in my bloggy life:
Heather @ New German Girl 
(who also happens to be Heather @ Boyfriend Challenged below) she talks about her life as an au pair in Munich, and I love hearing about her global adventures (and mishaps) and reminds me of my time in Deutschland 4(!) years ago.
Ashton @ Journalistic Musings
who shares her crazy life working in the "biz" making the best of things, while trying to reach her dreams (Helloooo Tony Robbins! HAHAA!)
Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein @ Monkey Muck
because he is in love with me, and that makes me love him! WORD!!
and finally to
Annabelle @ I'll Tell You Anyway
because she's blazing a new life for herself in the Big Apple, is a great writer, and has a pretty hilarious wit.

and this baby...
was graciously given to me by Heather @ Boyfriend Challenged
You should totally check out their blogs as well. They're both awesome and great reads!

And how awesome are these:
Am I the only one who tries to sneak beer into places? Like 4th of July last year when the park didn't "allow" alcoholic beverages to the fireworks show? I mean sheriffs searching coolers and confiscating our beers. Yeah, like they weren't pounding those bad boys in the parking lot. Insanity! Well now all my problems are solved! I found these little bad boys on ebay. Plastic beer can covers. Just amazing!!!

And lastly... I wanna give a big shout out... FUUUUCK YOU FACEBOOK! 
Yesterday, I got this recommendation:
I mean really. Gross. Fuck Fuckiddy Fuck Fuck You. DISLIKE!

Now I'm trying out this linkey thing, so LINK UP! And play along. So I don't look like a big loser. Thanks!


Ashton King said...

Aw. Thank you :) Even if my dreams are this tiny little dot on the horizon and I sometimes feel like I'm sitting still, haha!

Meghan said...

Arbor Mist. Eww. Vom.

MrsCaptKerk said...

Guilty as charged. I like the Mist from the Arbor.

Salt said...

Arbor Mist has a Facebook fan page!?
*goes to find out if there is one for Mad Dog 20/20*

aladdinsane12 said...

i want beer-hiding sleeves!! those would be perfect for concerts, public transportation, work, weddings, church, book group, the doctor's office...

yeah, i'm a drunk.

Crazy Brunette said...

You're so fucking cute whore!!!

If I hadn't been MIA for the last week I would've linked up!!!

I NEED those can covers!!!!

DISLIKE!!!!! (everything)