Sunday, July 18

comic gold!

Gallagher! No suspenders or funny hat, but still pretty awesome!

He's wearing an invention of his... men's underwear with the crotch cut out. A new look for The Ladies. Getting his pies ready for some smashin!

Here's the windup...

and the PITCH! Splattttt everywhere!!

Mr. Man shields himself with our sheet of plastic! Some people, like fools, came unprepared. And were doused with everything from mustard to mashed potatoes with rice! Muahahaaa

Hope you all had a great weekend! :)


Crazy Brunette said...

HAHA Bitch! Did you think this Gallager post would deflect me from remembering what today is????


Salt said...

It's your BIRTHDAY!?!?!?!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I wish I had a birthday cake to smash with a mallet in celebration.

WTF is he doing with his old guy midriff exposed? That's not sexy.

That Ain't Kosher said...

Happy Birthday! There better be some inappropriate pictures tomorrow.