Monday, July 5

things i learned this weekend

  1. Second chances are a good thing. Forgiveness is a gift; But never forget.
    (I'm sure we all know to whom this is in reference to)
  2. If you promised days earlier to make everyone breakfast, don't puss out because you are too hungover. People are hungry and you said you would do it. Nut it up.
  3. It really is a talent to swim, smoke, and drink simultaneously.
  4. Team America: World Police is the best movie to quote on the 4th of July.
  5. You also must always pronounce the country's name as Amur'ca. And say "Get 'er done"every 20-30 minutes.
  6. Sometimes I look up to the sky and think... DAMN! Thats a whole lotta stars. I love those nights. It makes me feel so small.
  7. Journey makes everything better.
  8. Lake Billy Chinook is truly breathtaking.
  9. If you plan on making mojitos for the day, please don't tell me I can't have any until after I've been already drinking for 4 hours already. Haven't you heard of "Beer then liquor, never sicker?!"
  10. I'm on a boat!! 
  11. *Side note: I love my "Flock of Seagulls" bikini. Apparently my hair really does too. 
    *Side-side note: Don't my aviators rock?!
    *Side-side-side note: I look totally fat here. Grrrrrr  
  12. When you and your over 30, thicker in the middle, not Jersey Shore tanned, friends are on a boat, it is recommended that you DO NOT tie up to a bunch of MTV Spring Break wannabes, bumping their rap music, drinking from their Solo cups. The amount of eye rolling and general feeling of disdain wafting towards you will be overwhelming. (Although mildly hilarious). 
  13. Cool Whip and fruit make a much better cake topping than traditional icing. Especially when the strawberries are perfection.

Quote of the weekend:
"We have plenty of ammo, and plenty of beer... but we're out of cigarettes and propane. I love it here cause it makes all my problems complete nonsense."
Hope you all had an AMAZING weekend!!


Ashton King said...

That cake looks awesome and you do NOT look fat!

Dr. MVM said...

Ummm, not you don't look fat in that picture. You look totally hot in it.

Meghan said...

A few things! I love the cake. I also agree that Journey makes any situation better. Especially if it's the Glee cast singing Journey songs:)

Jennifer said...

#3 should be an olympic sport!:)

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, that cake looks so good, and I love whip cream frosting. bit tall glass of milk with that cake and I would be in heaven.

Can I also say, I don't think I can ever post a picture of me. So I applaud anyone that does.

Salt said...

Yes, but did you have your flippie floppies?

You better believe that I watched Team America this weekend. It looks like you had a lovely and relaxing time!

denise said...

I agree with everyone look great in that bikini/boat picture; rocking those sunglasses. Sounds like a great weekend :)

Faux Trixie said...

1) You don't look fat

2) Mojitos, a cuban, communist cocktail, is unamerican and I am scolding you for drinking it on the fourth. (even though I had several. Whoops!)

3) America, Fuck Yeah may be the best original song ever... or at least in a tie with "montage"

Looks like you had fun!

That Ain't Kosher said...

1) You don't look fat. You photograph much better than I do. I went to a Fourth of July party this weekend and someone took a picture of me where I came out looking like a praying mantis thanks how distorted and giant my head looks. Of course this is now my friend's default picture on FB because SHE looks awesome.

2) Who made that cake? I'm sold.

Crazy Brunette said...

Uuuuum, so what's up with the boy toy hooker?

Email me, because I haven't heard anything since like Thursday about Mr. Wonderful (sometimes!)