Sunday, July 25

welcome race fans!

Its been a busy weekend indeed! Brewers Fest didn't happen due to lack of interest (gasp!). I'm sure the 95 degree weather didn't help...

So Saturday I went with Mr. Man to watch him do his "pit crew thing" at the races. His friend drives a modified car, and next weekend is Nationals, so this weekend was the trial run at the track.

Dussssstyyyyy dust was everywhere, and when they watered the track down you had to really pay attention as to not get hit with a flying clod... which I didn't do... and was tagged in the ear. SONOFABITCH!

Here's some super shitty pics from my craptastic mobile phone!!

Zooooooming around the track

Our friend Doug's modified car, lined up waiting for the start

During the race! Can you see doug?

My hot man working in the pits, repairing some body damage


MamaTink said...

We have racing friends here as well. We have both straight and circular tracks within an hour of our house. We love going and cheering our friends on!

Salt said...

Oh how fun! I've been to races before, but no one I ever knew was racing or working in the pit. He is quite handy with car repairs!

Meghan said...

I've never been to the races - now I am thinking I need to go...