Friday, May 14

dirty minds and camper trailers

WARNING!! Disgusting vulgarity in this post!
Whew! Now that I got that overwith lets get down to business.

So my friends and I like to play a little game. You know those camper trailers? That have stupid names like "Sandpiper" or "Trailblazer"? Well when roadtrippin' we like to add 'Anal' to the front for a good laugh. I constantly get texts and picture messages of things like "ANAL SURVEYOR!!"

Trust me, its great for a laugh. I have a few friends that I haven't spoken to for 3 years that still text me. Its fun!!

The best though, I think was last winter...
"ANAL RAGIN'" (see pic)


Now you try playing it! Think you can beat me?

No matter what, next time you see a camper I KNOW you're gonna try it, whether you mean to or not!!

I love it. And pass it on! Anal is the gift that keeps on giving. So to speak.


Crazy Brunette said...


Damnit the neighbors across the street have a camper, but I can't read the name bc it's ass end isn't fucking visible!!!

Wouldn't you know it?

aladdinsane12 said...

sweet. anal ragin!

my favorite game is to add "in bed" to the end of every fortune cookie fortune.

i.e. "you will do great things today" in bed.

Annabelle said...

Growing up my family had an airstream trailer. Anal Airstream? Eeew. Luckily those words were not on the back of the camper.

I've given you a blog award, BTW.

Wicked Shawn said...

Three of my girlfriends and I are taking a roadtrip to Savannah this summer, OMJ the fun we will have with this one!!! Thanks!!!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I will be making the voyage from Alabama to Maryland in July and I am totally playing this on the way there AND back! LOVE IT!