Tuesday, May 4

random shit tuesday

Random Shit Tuesday! Brought to you by the UnMom
I think I may need to make my own button...


Dog sitting was awesome! Utley is a little ball of fire and so super cute!
Too bad he likes to wake up at 5:15 EVERY.MORNING.

And don't think you have time to pee yourself before you walk him outside to do his business. You don't. He likes to pee with you if you make him wait.
Lesson learned little man.

Last week I was so glad to hear that I was not the only one who hated Rachel Ray.
But I have another to add to the list. Giada De Laurentiis.

The only thing besides her over-enthusiasm that I really hate about her is that she's entirely too skinny to host cooking shows. Eat some of what you cook, lady. Seriously. Bah!!

My friend Denise is *maybe*possibly*hopefully* going to Disneyland for work, and if she goes, I will be road tripping on down! Free place to stay, lying by the pool by day, hanging out with her at night.

Anaheim here we come!!

I've got a busy couple months coming up....
May 22 celebrating my cousin's 40th birthday party. big Big BIG PARTY! (as in gallons of tequila and several kegs!)
Memorial Day weekend camping at the cabin. The lake has been stocked once this year, and will be stocked again the weekend before! The trout should be leaping into the boat!
June 11-13 rafting the Rogue in Southern Oregon. Its good know some river guides and keep them on the personal payroll (usually paid in booze). 15 people rafting and camping for 3 days 2 nights. Should be AMAZINGGGGG!
June 23 Disneyland!
June 30 Eclipse!
Hopefully my BFF will be coming from Arizona to watch this one with me. He's the biggest Twilight nerd ever. I went to AZ to watch New Moon with him for his bday last November, so I'm hoping he'll return the favor for this one.
July 3-5, 4th of July weekend! Little brother is having his reception for his wedding. Since the wedding was pretty last minute (2 weeks notice) he and his bride are having a bbq reception get-together at my folk's house! Also visiting friends in Bend who have a perfect back yard view of the city's fireworks display!!
July 17 Ben & Tara's wedding! Pizza, beer and karaoke!
July 24th Oregon Brewer's Fest!
Need I say more?
July 31st Lane & Angie's wedding!
--and-- Ester & Robert's wedding! One here in Oregon, and one in Toronto... have to make the big "plane ticket decision"
And somewhere in there I have to plan my birthday party! (the 19th) and a trip to Yosemite!!

Seriously, how am I supposed to be motivated to look for work when I have this stuff coming up!?? *wink*

Mr. Man and myself from our trip to the beach two weeks ago

This is us pretending to not look hungover.


aladdinsane12 said...

that is so hilarious that he won't let you pee before you take him out! i would imagine that was a pretty quick learning curve when you were on the toilet and saw him peeing next to you...

sounds like you have some awesome stuff coming up this summer! lots of weddings! and at first i thought you mean a real eclipse. i was like "i didn't realize people planned eclipse-watching parties..."

Beta Dad said...

That's a lot more fun than my schedule. My parents live in Bend. I hope I can get up there to see them during ski season next year!

Lisa said...

Aww....I kinda like Giada. Mostly because she's Italian (like me), and actually has good recipes. I agree she's too skinny though, someone needs to give that girl a sandwich!

Wicked Shawn said...

Giada, good recipes, just needs to dial it back a notch....or 3.

You definitely have way too much going on to find a job right now. How on earth would you get enough time off from a new job to accomodate all of your plans? Just wouldn't work. No way.