Tuesday, May 25

random shit tuesday

So excited! This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day weekend,
Myself, mom, my cousin and my friend will all be heading down to our family's cabin in Southern Oregon. The weather is not scheduled to cooperate, but we're excited nonetheless. I love our little cabin in the woods. It used to be my grandfather's (he built it way back in the day) it has power, but no running water and an outhouse!! Its so rustic and fun. The best part about the weekend isn't going to be the morning champagne and bloody marys, the afternoon fishing with cheap beer, the evening bottles (yes, bottleSS) of wine, or the row boat, or the outhouse, but its the fun, crazy lady time!!
Going to pick up the fishing license and beer tomorrow!!

I am soooooooooo tired of the FB posts regarding people's family, or their kids, or how much they love their spouses. I mean... WE GET IT! Otherwise you wouldn't be married to/dating/living with them. These are actual posts from a friend of mine. They may seem sweet, but once a day, it gets annoying!
Not to dock family life or being married... its just that we don't need to see it all day every day. I always think that being entertaining and funny is what the FB status is for...
here's my last 4:
I'm just sayin... which would YOU rather read??

Here's some random things I hate:
  1. Dancing with the stars
  2. Treadmills
  3. Shannon from Lost
  4. Creationists
  5. The Octo-Mom
  6. People who text when you're trying to talk to them
  7. When it takes 8 days for my debit purchases to go through
  8. Yellowjackets and Wasps
  9. People who don't recycle
  10. That being intelligent and educated is suddenly considered "un-American"
The other day I was driving, with the window down, sunglasses on. I somehow, randomly shut one eye and noticed things looked weird. Then I was doing the whole "Camera One. Camera Two. Camera One. Camera Two" thing, and noticed that one eye was seeing a totally different hue than the other.
right eye

left eye

I mean... subtle... but freaked me out!!! My friend tried to tell me it happens to her when she has the window rolled down. That it "dries out her contacts." I told her I don't wear contacts. And I asked her if she was totally making that up or if there was any scientific backing to her conclusion. She admitted she was pretty much winging it. Its gone now, but I wonder what was the culprit? Early on-set-color-blindness? I dunno. Perhaps time for an eye exam?

That's it for me folks! I'm OUT!
Wanna play along?


Salt said...

Why oh why do I not have more female friends that like to camp? That sounds like so much fun!

I've recently discovered that I hate Dancing with the Stars also and I'm glad I'm not alone in my sentiment.

One Pea said...

Ooh! I love camping too. We used to go to a camp my dad owned and the past part? No electricity! (or cell coverage)

Those types of facebook posts piss me off too.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Ohhhhhh...The cabin freakin AWESOME!!!! Spangled with Awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

re: status updates - this is why I am so thankful for all the STFU tumblr blogs.

Also? I have a conspiracy theory on the debit card thing and how it is intentional so that banks can continue to squeeze overdraft and NSF fees out of you despite the new laws saying they can't.

I could probably come with with conspiracy theories for treadmills and wasps if given sufficient time.

Erin said...

We totally hate the same stuff, yay! Except I hate camping. :-(
But regarding facebook -- I have friends who wish each other happy birthday like a week in advance. Why can they not wait until the actual fucking day to wish them happy birthday? This drives me insane.
That is all.

Ed said...

I've effectively sworn off FB because of all the bullshit status updates and game crap. But I still recycle.

Alis Rose said...

Cabin sounds like fun!

RE: Status Updates- it is particularly fun to "like" the family people's status when they say things such as RIP Gran or Damn, Johnny has chickenpox again poor lad.