Monday, May 10

i'm a mother lover!

Sorry this is late y'all... but you know how it goes... Sometimes real-life gets in the way of blogging, DAMMIT!

Spent yesterday doing the "mom tour" with my boyfriend. Delivered some flowers and blueberries to Mr. Man's mom, and the Schwinn Wonder Cruiser as I call it to my mum. She LOVED IT!! We attached a basket and a bell to the front of the bike. No... no streamers or baseball cards in the spokes, but still pretty awesome! It was also my mom's birthday yesterday, so it was a multi-purpose gifter from me and my bro and his wife. (Its also his wife's birthday! He tried to have the wedding on that day so he'd only have ONE date to remember for the rest of his life... but his wife put the kibosh on that one, hehehee) Anyway, BUSY WEEKEND to say the least :)

Please enjoy these two beauties in honor of all you mom's out there!!
Mother's  Day! 

[a day late, but definitely  NOT a dollar short!]

yes, yes, that IS Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson...

an oldie, but still a  goodie. SOOOooo true!!

Love you Mom!!

P.S. IRON MAN 2 was awesome and didn't disappoint! Loves me some RDJ!!


Cathy said...

Iron Man 2!! Can't wait to see it!

I still love that bike, I might have to make a little trip to wally world to check it out.

Meghan said...

I would love to get a bike as a gift - although I am sure I would fall right off.

April said...

1. I like your new blog design (I'm slightly ADD too and got bored with mine too, but you probably already knew that)
2. I love that bike you got your mom and can't believe you got it at Walmart.

Crazy Brunette said...

My baby bro LOVED Iron Man 2 too!!!

Guess I'll have t drag my hermit ass away from the computer and go see it!

Wicked Shawn said...

The universe, meaning Hollywood, of course, keeps giving me RDJ for special ocassions. Sherlock Holmes for my b-day, Iron Man II for Mom's Day. It's like the most beautiful gift a girl could ask for evah!!!

aladdinsane12 said...

sounds a busy weekend, but a fun one! love the new button! it creeps me out... in a good way...

LOVE the SNL video! "cuz every mother's day needs a mother's night!"