Tuesday, May 18

random shit tuesday

Its Tuesday again! And what does that mean?

Random shit from my pretty little brian! Several of these things come from Starbucks. Perhaps I'm spending too much time there? Nah! Maybe just weird stuff just happens to me, and I just happen to always be at Starbucks. Any more, and I'll have to start a whole new segment of my blog called "Shit at Starbucks." Well, maybe not quite that, cause that sounds kinda gross.

Onward and Upward!

I'm at starbucks waiting in line. Of course its like 4pm and the old folks who come in at this time always want decaf. Well they don't brew decaf after like noon, cause NO ONE DRINKS IT. Come on old people, you can handle it. You go to bed at 8 and get up at 430am for heavens sake! Maybe you should try living a normal persons schedule! Anyway... this guy in front of me is wearing some kind of old-man vest that looks like a fisherman's vest. I think "Hey there old timer! Going fishin'?" Then he turns and I see something like this:
Okay, that's not really what I saw, but I got tired of searching for "pocket full of pens" or "too many pens" on Google images. Anyway, his front pocket had at LEAST 9 pens in it. AND he had a glasses case clipped to his jacket that ALSO had another 7 or 8 pens. All I could think was, "Heaven forbid you get caught without a writing utensil!!" To each his own... i guess.
And again speaking of starbucks... 

Everytime I'm there I steal something like 3 Splendas.
Or a honey packet. 
 Have you seen how expensive this shit is? I mean, COME ON. I just want a packet for my morning tea. And its just sitting there! Free! The way I figure it, I'm entitled. I'm spending $4 for some stupid ass coffee, I'm allowed some Splenda. Or honey.

The song "That's Amore" has officially been ruined for me by the Olive Garden. Every time I hear it, I think of the O.G. Those dirty, dirty bastards. (Yes, that's what its called, the "O.G.")

What is the correct way to "cite" photos on your blog? I've seen so many different ways of doing it. Some people put a link to where they got it and hyperlink the word "source". Other's just put something like "via bing" or "via google" under the photo (this honestly seems like a cop-out since I think everyone finds their images from Goggle images) Is there an MLA handbook for the internet? What is the standard? Are we all just "winging it?"  
(Of course after I type this I went to eHow and found an article)

Seriously! FINALLY! Uggghhh. This is the show. The show of shows. I love this stupid, infuriating, intriguing, piece of crap show SO MUCH. It makes me so mad. Every episode. We answer one question and raise 590,528 more! I have to say, I'm so glad its going to be over. Like pulling the plug after a long cancer battle. Only two episodes left! Hurry up and end already!! PLEASE! And don't piss me off! (although I'm sure they will). On a side note, I just saw an interview with Matthew Fox from lost and he and his family are moving to Oregon! Crazy!
Maybe I'll bump into him at Whole Foods.

And to wrap up Random Shit Friday...
My friend send me this on FB. I've never really liked the song, but have since downloaded it and added it to my workout mix, cause now I picture this video in my head when it plays... and I laugh. This one's for you CB!

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April said...

(Stupid blogger just lost my comment. Let's try this again)

Oh, LOST... For the love of god, there is no way this show is going to be able to leave me satisfied with the way it ends. Unless of course, it ends with some hot and sweaty, half-naked, slow-mo, music-video type montage of Sawyer, Desmond, Sayid and Charlie (he can keep the tee and/or hoodie on. That works for me too).

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I am super dooper lazy so I just always say via bing or via google. I should do more but I'm all "Well I found it there technically" ;)

*lazy pants*

badheadday said...

2 Hours of Lost goodness! Lets just hope I don't throw something thru the tv when it's all over and done with.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Ahhh Betty. She's a GGILF for sure. (It's can be Great Grandmother I'd Like to F*ck or Golden Girl I'd Like to F*ck.)

Back when she was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show she was smokin' 'Mrs. Robinson' hot.

denise said...

Love me some LOST. What will take its place next year that will have me so obsessed? Matthew Fox is sexy - I remember him from Party of 5.

Salt said...

I am wondering what a person does for their job that requires them to have that many pens. Or if he was just some kind of creepy pen hoarder? I might have had to ask him and then he probably would have stabbed me with one of them.

I'm creeped out.

aladdinsane12 said...

i bet you that guy has a story for every pen, too. he probably knows where each of them came from and exactly what he wrote with them.

and i'm totally down with stealing shit like that. i have decided that every time i order a salad somewhere, i'm going to ask for extra dressing packets and use them on homemade salads. brilliant.

i love that you call Olive Garden "the O.G." totally gangsta.

Stacie's Madness said...

yes, so lost is over now..what'd you think. I'm still just as lost as I am every damn time I watch the show.

I love that video..HILARIOUS...